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TYB Phase 3 Guidelines

By Tewksbury Youth Baseball, 06/14/20, 11:45AM EDT


As we embark on the 2020 baseball season, the health and safety of our players, spectators, coaches, and volunteers is our number one priority. Although this season will look and feel a bit different, our players will continue to play as a team, learn new skills, work hard, and have fun. We will continue our season in Phase 3 Step 1, which will allow for games. In accordance with the state of Massachusetts COVID-19 Order 43, Tewksbury Youth Baseball is implementing the following guidelines. These guidelines may be subject to revision as additional information or requirements become available. Please note that these guidelines apply to team games during Phase 3 Step 1..

  • Wellness: Players, coaches, spectators, and staff that are feeling ill should stay home. Individuals who are considered high risk should consult their physician before attending organizing sporting events.

  • Group Size: During games, no more than 25 people on a playing surface. No more that 50 spectators per each designated field.

  • Social Distancing: Players, coaches, spectators, and staff will be urged to remain six feet apart. Team huddles, high fives, fist pumps, etc., will be replaced with no contact forms of celebration and communication.

  • Face Coverings: Face coverings will be required for coaches, spectators and staff when social distancing is not possible.

  • Hand Hygiene: Players, coaches, spectators, and staff are required to use hand sanitizer upon arrival to the playing field. Each player is responsible for bringing his/her own hand sanitizer.

  • Equipment: Players will provide their own personal equipment.  Players will not be permitted to share any equipment — including, but not limited to — bats, gloves, helmets and hats.

  • Equipment Storage: When not in use, player’s equipment will be stored on the outside of the fence in a designated marked area.

  • Food: No food of any kind will be permitted at the field. This includes, but is not limited to, gum and sunflower seeds.

  • Beverages: Players are responsible for providing their own beverage. Sharing of beverages will not be permitted.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Restrooms will currently not be available to any individuals.

    • Pets are not permitted at any fields.

    • Families are encouraged to apply sunscreen and bug spray to their players before arriving to the field. Coaches are not permitted to apply sunscreen or bug spray to players.

    • All COVID-19 concerns and situations are handled with guidance from the Tewksbury Board of Health.

    • If any player, coach, spectator or staff develops symptoms of COVID-19 please inform us immediately at

The Tewksbury Youth Baseball organization thanks you in advance for your cooperation. Please feel free to reach out to us at