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Districts Baseball FAQs

What does it mean to be on a “Districts” Team?

Tewksbury Youth Baseball competes in the Cal Ripken Baseball Tournament at the conclusion of each baseball season. This tournament is referred to as "Districts", and our town is represented by teams  in the following age groups:

  • 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U

Teams competing in this tournament must first compete in a round of play against teams in their neighboring district area such as Chelmsford, Lowell, Dracut, etc.

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What are the age requirements to compete on a Districts team?

Districts baseball follows similar rules to our aging by Division for in-town baseball. Age requirements are determined by the players age as of 04/30 of that season. For example: if a player turns 9 on May 15th, he is still eligible to compete for the 8U team since he was 8 years old on the previous 04/30.

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How does my child become eligible for consideration to be selected for a Tewksbury Districts team?

Your child must first register for Districts and then also participate in at least 50% of the TYB regular season events, including playoffs, to be eligible for consideration of being selected for a Tewksbury Districts team.

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Who selects the Districts team and who will coach them?

There is a process where coaches must register and apply to be a District team coach. Once we have a pool of coaching candidates, a selection committee composed of TYB board members will interview the candidates and make their selection. This individual will then select his coaching staff who will then evaluate the players during a workout session (see below) and through collaboration with player's coaches from the regular season.

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If I am interested in being a head coach, how do I apply?

To be a Districts team coach, you must be a registered coach for the season leading up to the tournament (i.e. registered coach in 2024 for Districts team in summer of 2024). This DOESN’T mean you have to be a head coach for the season to apply to be a District’s Head Coach. If interested, please visit our Coach Application page.

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When are the registration dates?

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How will my child be evaluated for the District team?

TYB will host a workout led by our Player and Coach Development Director for all registered players hoping to make a Tewksbury District’s team. The coach(es) selected by our selection committee will attend to access each player. Additionally, coaches will do “their due diligence” in April & May to evaluate players.

  • Workout Dates, held at Sullivan & Poulin Fields

    • May 5th @ 6pm - 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U

    • May 19th @ 6pm - 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U

    • *8U workouts will be held separately, date and time TBD.

NOTE: Attendance at the workout is not required NOR is it a guarantee that a player will be selected to a Districts team.

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When will my child be notified if they were selected to a team?

After the workouts (see above) conclude, the coaching staff will convene to discuss team selection. Coaches will also take the opportunity to  reach out to potential player's coaches to solicit feedback. Coaches will notify all registered players within 5-7 days of the final workout.

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What is the level of commitment if my child is selected for the team?

The Cal Ripken Districts tournament is a win or go home tournament. Practices are held weekly, usually beginning in late May - early June depending on field availability. Games are traditionally held over the weekend, however, each age level may differ but we will communicate these events as soon as they are known.

NOTE: District Teams are automatically entered into the Conway tournament, but participation in Conway is not mandatory for District consideration. 

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How is the tournament broken down?

  • DISTRICTS consist of teams from our area (Chelmsford, Lowell, etc.) with play traditionally occurring the last two weeks of June.

  • STATES is a qualifying event consisting of teams from Eastern Mass traditionally competing at a neutral site from early to mid July.

  • REGIONAL is a qualifying event consisting of teams from all over New England traditionally competing at a neutral site the last 1-2 weeks of July. 

  • NATIONALS is a qualifying event consisting of teams from all over the United States competing from early to late August.

NOTE: Any and all travel expenses for all of the above events are incurred by players.

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What is the cost to participate on the TYB Districts team if my child is selected?

The cost is $200* and includes:

  • Fees associated to entering tournament

  • Personalized Jersey

  • Pants / Belt

  • Socks

  • Fitted baseball hat

  • Payment must be received 24 hours after being notified by the team coach that you have been selected for the team

  • *Prices are subject to change on a year-to-year basis

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If my child is not selected for a Districts team, what are the other tournaments that Tewksbury Youth Baseball competes in that my child could potentially be selected for?

If your child is not selected for a Districts team, the evaluation they received from the workout listed above will be kept on file. Tewksbury has participated in the tournaments listed below, however, team availability is predicated on whether we have volunteer coaches looking to create a team. If so, we will send out communication and we will have registration available for the following tournaments: 

  • Bay-state which occurs from early July to mid-late August

  • Conway which occurs from mid to late July

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